Revelon - Token Listing

Revelon Wallet Token Listing Requirements

Your Token Must Meet This Requirements Before You Can Submit A Listing Request

  1. Legal Compliance
  2. Token Security
  3. Use Case
  4. Market Demand
  5. Reasonable Liquidity
  6. Community Transparency
  7. Contract Verification On Block Explorer
  8. Minimum Of 1000 Holders
  9. Tokenomics
  10. Price Stability
  11. Trading Volume
  12. Communication Channels
  13. Compliance with Wallet Policies
  14. Regular Review


  1. Review Requirements
  2. Prepare Coin/Token Information
  3. Legal Compliance Check
  4. Submit Listing Request
  5. Wait 2-4 Working Days For Your Project To be Verified By Our Team
Click Here If You Meet All Requirements

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